Men's Styling Tips

5 a day keeps the bad looks away


How to make your hair look better with these tips

As a guy you have probably read plenty of tips about hair for women, but what about tips on men’s hair and how to style hair? Is the hair of men different from the hair of women? What needs do men have with regards to their hair?

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The difference between women’s hair and men’s hair is very small with the most common difference being that men tend to have greasier hair as they secrete more sebum than women. Other than that, both men and women grow their hair at approximately the same rate (one inch every two months) and can grow the same range of hair types and shapes (e.g. curly hair).

Without further ado let’s now provide you with 5 tips for better hair as a male!

Tip for better hair as a male: don’t wash your hair every day

Most men wash their hair daily which is way too often for male hygiene. Rogelio Samson, a seasoned men’s hair expert and founder of Manly Curls (, recommends men try to find out their best frequency of shampooing through a method Rogelio created known as the “No Shampoo method”. In this method, a male must find out his optimal shampooing frequency though trial and error, removing one shampoo day every 2 weeks, and Rogelio mentions that a male may ultimately need to shampoo every other day while another male may only need to shampoo once a week.

Tip for better hair as a male: learn to use the right hair products

Almost all men have heard of hair gel or hair pomade but not all know specifically what each hair product is and does. According to this men’s hair product guide at Manly Curls, hair gel should be used by men to shape their hair with texture while pomade should be used to give a sleek natural look to the hair and hair wax should be used to shape the hairstyle while giving it some sleek too (so hair wax is gives results as if it were a combination of hair gel and pomade).

Whatever hair product for men you prefer, there is no excuse to not knowing your hair products as a male.

Tip for better hair as a male: style with your fingers

Generally you are better off either styling with your fingers or using a wide tooth comb, especially if you have curly hair. Only if you have 100% straight hair with no curving should you be using a regular comb.

Tip for better hair as a male: get some hair inspiration

One of the goals that Rogelio had with his blog Manly Curls was to offer hair inspiration to men who had given up on their hair. By providing pictures of cool men with cool hair Rogelio got to show to his readers that having any natural hair shape was not only normal but a good thing as after all one’s hair shape is the direct consequence of one’s DNA being expressed.

We recommend you to browse magazines and go online to find particular sources of hair inspiration, it can be a magazine, a TV commercial or a movie, but just have an idea of a hairstyle you’d like to emulate.

Tip for better hair as a male: get the right haircut

It doesn’t matter that you have in your mind the most awesome hairstyle, if you don’t get the right haircut you will be going nowhere. Take your time to research your hairdresser or hairstylist and don’t hesitate to ask for reviews. A good hair professional will have no problems demonstrating his skills to you if that means making a new customer.

Sources: Manly Curls and Wikipedia